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“We had a theme for season 2. A little darker, a little more fractured. We wanted to explore the groups one at a time. It was getting a little summer-campy, and we wanted to address the realities that this is prison.” - Jenji Kohan


Another secret bash! Jodie Foster married her girlfriend Alexandra Hedison over the weekend.

Congrats to the happy couple!


To the woman who failed me on my driving test this morning


Getting your license at the earliest possible second may seem like a huge deal, but don’t let the stress push you to your limit »

It’s okay to fail a time or two!


I hope all the nonvegans out there have a really nice Claim To Care About The Earth Whilst Also Contributing To The Leading Factors Of Its Destruction Day

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things i’m emotionally attached to

  • the one pair of jeans that fit perfectly
  • a specific pencil or pen
  • that really comfy sweater
  • super comfy underwear that makes your butt look good
  • drinking out of one specific mug

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New Decor Thanks To @bintt - Check His Work Out!😁✌️
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John Kurc  |  Charlotte 2009


Dr. Turnt by Gabriel Conte


G.A.S she only like vagina she don’t want no mister by Jammie D